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MessageSujet: Spoil Scan 526   Mer 2 Fév - 15:39

Naruto 526 Fierce battle! Team Darui!

Daimyo of the Mist and Mizukage start moving

Zetsu starts moving towards Daimyo of the fire but

Genma takes action and Zetsu disappears into the ground

Zetsu: Doesn’t look like it’s here…

The five daimyo move to 5 different places at their set times and try not to get spotted by the enemy.

Zetsu: It seems they took my ability too lightly… All of the land is mine. Black Zetsu disappears into a tree.

Darui takes the massive amount of white Zetsu(this is plural ) head on.

He uses an attack called “Raiton Black panther” that is apparently a jutsu that cuts lightning.

Tenten is starting to lose and throws a kunai.

Dan vs Chouji

Hiashi vs Hizashi

Chiyoba, Kimimaro, Hanzou and some fat guy named Jagming goes to Kankurou’s place

Deidara: Help me!!

The Tsuchikage goes to Gaara’s place

The KinGin brothers fight Darui

Darui: I feel bleh but I’ll finish this off in one go with my Ranton! (he’s making a pun off his name being Darui – bleh)


Si quelqun veut bien traduire Very Happy

Devil Bat Ghoooooost !!
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Spoil Scan 526
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