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 One Piece 612

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MessageSujet: One Piece 612   Mer 26 Jan - 21:33

The mermaid inlet
The mermaids try to pry open that mysterious barrel
When they manage to open a little, they hear a voice from inside…
Out comes a swamp-man who ate the Numa-numa (swamp-swamp) fruit
The mermaids can no longer run to the waters
The swamp-man ponders how much the mermaids fetch on auction

Sango (Coral) Hill
The patrol are looking for Luffy, and discussing matters
Prince Fukaboshi and Madame Shirley appears
Madame explains to the prince that Luffy will destroy the Fishman Island
Fukaboshi says the matter must be dealt with…

Gyoverly Hills
Luffy and co heads to the Ryuguu Palace riding on Neptune’s whale
Neptune: We’ve already invited a member of yours. He’s already started drinking
Usopp: Zoro.
Nami: Yeah, Zoro.
Franky looks for Tom’s relatives, while Robin looks for important piece of history
They both went their ways and separated from Nami
Neptune explains details of Fishman Island

They arrive at the Ryuguu Palace
Luffy somehow gets lost inside the palace
Luffy finds a room with massive metal bars
He opens… and finds gigantic mermaid princess, weeping inside!
(it appears she is the daughter of Neptune)

The mermaid princess cries her eyes out, and Luffy doesn’t know what to do

Yes, Luffy bounces on the princess’ breasts.

(bunch of info about presents and OP 200 million sales events snipped)

Devil Bat Ghoooooost !!
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MessageSujet: Re: One Piece 612   Mer 26 Jan - 22:10

Scan sorti Very Happy

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One Piece 612
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